Friday, April 6, 2012

Panera Bread

As anyone that has tried to stop for a quick lunch at Panera Bread knows, the line will inevitably be out the door, they won't be serving the cream of chicken and wild rice soup, and you might need to hip check your way onto a table. Why do we put ourselves through it? Their bakery case. Conveniently located right along the long line out the door! Of which they will try to entice you with a free sample. Their paninis are pretty awesome, too.

But to my absolute delight, I have discovered the perfect time to visit your local Panera. Friday morning at 7:00. Mom and I stopped there on our way home from the gym and were the only the whole store! No rushing to make a selection, no pressure to quickly select a tea bag, all tables were available (except of course the ones covered by plastic bags of yesterday's bagels). It was amazing!

Unfortunately, like all of you that face the weekday grind, I usually only have time for the
local drive-thru on most Fridays. But today was special and totally worth the unwait.

And those bags of bagels? They donate their left overs to local soup kitchens!