Friday, December 31, 2010


New Year's Eve, in my humble opinion, is the most overrated and disappointing holiday of the year.  First of all it symbolizes the end of what could have been a great year.  Who knows if next year will live up to its billing?  It also happens to end the holiday season, and in my line of work that means Christmas break.  Back to three months of dark, cold, and endless days of cabin fever.  Further, it is a night when EVERYONE is out partying.  Well, what if you are not everyone and are stuck home with stale cookies and left over ham, watching that gigantic ball drop alone?  Finally, there is that darn New Year's kiss.  Can you position yourself to maximize your chance of an unbelievable lip lock with a handsome stranger or will you be stuck between your brother and that weird guy with the cold sore?  Bring me straight to St. Patty's Day, do not pass Go, do not collect $200!

My New Year's Eve started out perfectly.  We just went to our favorite local diner for some fries and gravy (you need to get a base, friends!) and found the perfect table up front.  Having just been cleaned it afforded us plenty of room for the baby, a perfect view of the automated Santa and his friends, and a relatively new copy of Automotive Weekly.  Alas, maybe this year will be different. 

Well, 15 minutes later we packed up the baby and aborted our perfect view for the car and drove home to make our own breakfast.  None of the three waitresses were paying enough attention to see us sit, twiddle our thumbs, and leave in a huff.  The door being nearly jerked off of its hinges may have woken up a patron or two at the counter, but we left gravy free and very disappointed.

There were two New Year's Eve celebrations that did almost change my mind.  The first was years ago when we may have still been celebrating underage.  Two friends rented out the local AOH and we danced and partied well into the new year.  And my favorite: NYE 2000.  The world did not end (luckily) and my friends and I went from party to party and ended up at a block party that included a pig roast, tent after tent of fantastic food, and tasty beverages as far as your frozen breath would take you.

But that was a decade ago.  This year I will celebrate as I usually do with my near and dear, and possibly a wedding dress or two.  There will be wrestling, champagne toasts, and the host will probably begin to shed his clothes as we count down.  We will eat, drink, and be merry like we do every time we are together.  We will have a great time and wake up tomorrow like we have been run over by a truck.  Tomorrow morning, I will slurp down my fountain soda and someone will fill me in on all of the funny things that I forgot.  We will make resolutions to loose weight, save money, and be better friends.   Then we will all plunge ahead into 2011.  And that's fine.  It's just that if it wasn't December 31st, you wouldn't even know it was New Year's Eve.

Auld Lang Syne friends, and may Snooki not fall faster that the ball that carries her!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Tea Time

I have just come from the most relaxing and satisfying lunch in the Capital District!  It is a place introduced to me some time ago and one I do not patronize often enough.  It is a little gem hidden in Balston Spa called the Whistling Kettle.  It is what my mom would call "a tea room."  It is what I would simply call "YUM!"

Nestled right off main street, the Whistling Kettle is a cozy little place with couches, a fireplace, and exposed brick everywhere.  They serve hundreds (at least a hundred) different types of tea brewed from tea leaves.  No little white pouches here!  They also serve the perfect companions to tea:  crepes, paninis, wonderful soups, tea sandwiches, scones, bread, and cake.  (They also make turkey clubs, salads, and roast beef sandwiches for those of you just looking for a good lunch.)

My BFF and I just enjoyed 2 afternoon teas.  S had apple butternut squash soup, a turkey and avacado panini, and white chocolate rasberry cheesecake.  I enjoyed spicy crab and corn chowder,  turkey with mozzarella, roasted red tomatoes, and artichokes, and apple crisp cobbler.  Accompanied of course by two steaming pots of Green Blueberry and Oolong Darjeerling tea.  And if the constant waiting list is any indication, our little secret may be out!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

To Regift or Not to Regift, Part II

My friends and I have come up with an ingenious way to regift all of those extra special items that you can't, for the life of you, figure out why someone who cares enough to give you a gift would pick that one.  I'm sure you have all heard of the "Ugly Sweater" Party.  Well, we have taken it one step further.  Enter the "Regift" party.  Grab your most exquisite Christmas sweater and get together with your girlfriends.  Enjoy some tasty beverages, engorge yourself with dip, and swap out all of the those gifts you didn't know you wanted.

We run our party Chinese Auction style so everyone has a chance to go home with something they like.  If not, we leave our treasures for the hostess and she puts them back in the auction next year.  All you need is a good friend to host, a bottle of wine to share and some left over wrapping paper for your regift.  Or just use one of the gift bags that are still under your tree and tear the tag off!

The only thing that can put a damper on your party?  10 inches of snow.... I guess there is always next year.

To Regift or Not to Regift?

That is the question!  Over the past few days, we have all been to countless parties, dinners, and celebrations in which our near and dear have presented us with "things" that they felt we wanted, needed, or could use in some way.

Some of those things fit perfectly:  Vera Bradley luggage, a stainless steel garbage can, Pandora charms, and Ugg moccasins.  Some will fit (perfectly) when exchanged: the XL cashmere sweater (long story), the bottle of Shiraz (say it with me light and sweet), and the Reebox shape ups (so close my love).  And then there are those gifts that you scratch your head about: leg warmers (in 2010?), a 96 CD/DVD holder (does anyone still own these?), a dip bowl surrounded by robins (I thought we banished the gardening supplies to the shed?)

Though we can't understand why we wanted, needed, or could use such things, someone close to us did.  And that presents the dilemma.  What do we do now?

We could: 
Donate them to the Salvation Army, but they don't accept perishable food or beverage items. 
Throw them away, but the landfills are already pretty crowded with batteries, Styrofoam, and lead paint.
Add them to the garage sale box in the basement, but sometimes someone else's trash is just that.

Who doesn't want to recycle and pass on the holiday cheer?  We do!  Here are the top 10 most regifted items (the order has been changed to reflect my opinion!)

10. Fruitcake (why do people still make this stuff?)
 9. Clothing (I would be careful with this one)
 8. Housewares (especially Holiday decor)
 7. Cookbooks (hmm...)
 6. Picture Frames (add in a personalized picture!)
 5. Gift Baskets (unless it contains hand-made items)
 4. Candles (always in season)
 3. Jewelry (really?)
 2. Gift Cards (sorry friends, I'm too selfish)
and the best item to regift:  WINE or other spirit (especially when it is not light and sweet)

Just remember to regift is clever, but to regift to the person who originally gave it to you is maladroit.  In other words, they may no longer be so near and dear to you...

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas

Today is Christmas Eve and every Christmas Eve I wake up filled with such excitement for tomorrow.  The overflowing stockings, boxes and bags.  The cinnamon rolls fresh from the oven.  Checking that the Santa plate is empty.  Getting all dressed up and drinking Poinsettias and Egg Nog.  Even though I am in my third decade, I always revert back to the days when I thought that I might burst from the anticipation.  This year my overwhelming joy spreads even further because last summer my own little Christmas miracle was born.  Not in a manger in a bed of hay, but in a very special place up the road a bit. 

My daughter is the most wished for gift that I had ever dreamed of.  It is unimaginable how such a tiny little being can completely fill your life with love and hope.  I thought that I was prepared for the impact that she would have on us, but I couldn't have been more wrong!  She has completely changed our life in every way imaginable and this year, as the tears are streaming down my face, I couldn't  feel more fulfilled.  My wish to you, friends, is that all of you follow that shining Christmas star and arrive at your own little miracle this year.  And that you, like me, have someone special to share it with!

Merry Christmas All!!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

HAPPY Birthday to Me

If we didn't have birthdays, you wouldn't be you.
If you'd never been born, well then what would you do?
If you'd never been born, well then what would you be?
You might be a fish! Or a toad in a tree!
You might be a doorknob!  Or three baked potatoes!
You might be a bag full of hard green tomotoes.
Or worse than that... Why, you might be a WASN'T!
A Wasn't has no fun at all.  No, (s)he doesn't.
A Wasn't just isn't.  (S)he just isn't present.
But you... You ARE YOU!  And, now isn't that pleasant!!

Thanks, Dr. Seuss

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I woke up this morning to my usual cheery child, bowl of cereal, and the Times Union neatly placed upon my porch.  (Kudos to my paper person for always having it there before I (I mean my baby) wakes up!)  As I watched said baby happily eating her hand and playing in her bouncer, I enjoyed by Cookie Crisp and opened the paper.  I began perusing its sections and found the usual:  celebrity gossip (Lindsay Lohan battered a rehab worker), the governor fined for accepting free Yankee tickets (isn't is a crime not to), Santa visiting the young children at Unity Sunshine (how merry), Paul Hewitt returning to his old stomping ground (those poor Saints), Capri pizza files for bankruptcy...  WHAT?

Capri pizza is a little joint in the heart of Lake George that sells hands down the thinnest, best pizza I have ever eaten!  It comes on a huge, round pizza tin and is set upon a tripod; providing a view and an aroma that the whole table can enjoy.  Partner that with the mixed appetizer platter (I dream of the jalapeno poppers) and a pitcher of Blue Moon and you may think that you are in heaven.  But they probably don't sell Lake George Does It Better shirts beyond the pearly gates, and they definitely don't close the beaches up there due to an overflow of human sewage.  So maybe it is not quite heaven, but it is a slice of heaven on earth.

And did I mention that they also have an outstanding wait staff that not only understands my husband's humor (rare), but is also willing to sell him the shirt off of her back (literally)?  And let's not forget the only thing that can make a slice of Capri better, especially late night following a showing of Aquanett, cold "mozzeral"!

Come on friends, we can't allow this gem to fade from view!  Gather up your holiday bonuses, all of your near and dear, and bring them up the Northway.  We are going to save Capri!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Jesus Christ Burrito

I just read that Bomber's has an extraordinary Nativity scene in the front window of their Lark Street restaurant.  The Virgin Mother and Joseph are lovingly looking upon their swaddling burrito!  Matt Baumgartner believes that God must have a sense of humor, was gracious enough to bore him one, and in return he is merrily expressing it.

Well, not everyone is taking his scene in stride.  He has received numerous complaints and after considering everyone's feelings, will be rearranging his window display next year.  He will put the baby Jesus back in his manger and as one of his blog followers suggested, have one of the Wise men bring the baby gifts of ... burritos!  Throw in a pint of Blue Moon and a sparkling birthday margarita and everybody wins!

Hallelujah!  And now I will go say my 10 "Our Fathers"...

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Modus Tollens

After 4 years of dating on and off, Nick Lachey and Vanessa Manillo have announced they are engaged and may be getting married in Tuscany before the new year.  In related news, Jessica Simpson also got engaged to former NFL player Eric Johnson recently.  And to finish this bizarre love triangle, just yesterday I read that Tony Romo has proposed to sports reporter Candice Crawford.


Nick Lachey was married to Jessica Simpson
Jessica Simpson (wanted to be married) to Tony Romo
Nick Lachey is marrying Tony Romo...

What beautiful, singing, dark haired athletes they will make!

Poor James

Our poor friend James missed her DWI court appearance.... Anyone know what happens next?

Friday, December 17, 2010

Wine Night Christmas Party

Thanks friends, for another successful WNT Christmas Party.  Linds got this year's Snuggie (for her feet), Stacey got Lisa's makeup, Kristen a plastic glass, and me number 1 in the auction.  Broke up rather early, but for all of you out there that had to go to work today, brilliant!  Wait... What's that?  You haven't heard of WNT?  Let me explain...

9 years ago (yikes!) I began my storied teaching career.  Spending 7 hours a day, 5 days a week, 40 weeks a year molding young minds you experience highs and lows that don't exist in other professions.  You quickly build a type of comradery among those you teach with, each lunch with, commiserate with, and celebrate with.  Its easy during the school year to stay in touch and spend time together, but when June 24th comes around, school becomes an afterthought and it becomes time to enjoy the greatest perk of teaching:  Summer Vacation!

But unfortunately for most teachers, the majority of their friends and family do not have their summers off.  And for those lucky few like me, your colleagues at school have become your close friends; as is the case with the amazing group of gals that I work with.  So you don't want to spend your summer by yourself catching up on soaps and sunning yourself into a leather saddle bag.  My friends and I became determined to stay in touch over the summer and enjoy our lives outside of school together.  We began to gather weekly and soak up the sun, enjoy some tasty adult beverages and devour all of the dip in sight.  We called our celebrations Summer Club.

But like the school year, so must Summer Club come to an end.  We put away our tank tops, cleaned out our coolers, capped Rachel's guacamole, and made plans for next summer.  But June is so far away in September and we needed something else to look forward to.

Enter Wine Night Thursday!  Everyone brings a bottle (or two) to sample, a snack to share, and some gossip to spread.  Yes, we have to return to work on Friday, but lunch is ordered in and then it's the weekend. 

Good times!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Origin of O'Reilly

Hello Friends!  It's Irish History Thursday and in today's lesson we will explore the derivation of the 11th most popular Irish surname:  O'Reilly.  Literally meaning "descendants of Reilly", O'Reilly has been translated to mean "outgoing people."  Fitting!! Join us for Thanksgiving and you will certainly understand...

Anyhow, back in the 12th Century the historic kingdom of East Breifne covered a considerable amount of land in north central Ireland.  Our predecessors, the O Raghallaigh's, ruled their happy kingdom; breeding and raising nobleman until a great battle broke out between cousins.  The outcome of this battle would  divide Breifne forever. 

The O'Rourkes and O'Reillys fought hard to gain control over an area about 76 miles from what is today Dublin.  Eventually, Breifne would be split; the O'Rourkes would found County Leitrim, and our kinfolk County Cavan.  For the next 400 years, or so, the Lords O'Reilly of Breifne would rule over County Cavan.

Today, there are still many O'Reillys leading their people.  Heather O'Reilly is helping lead the United States Women's soccer team into the World Cup. My cousin Heather O'Reilly leads her mom around Rochester when she comes to visit.  When she remembers her GPS that is! 

Tom O'Reilly leads the Irish Sinn Fein in their fight for Irish independence from Britain.  My dad Tom O'Reilly leads his young granddaughter in the appreciation of Beatles and other Woodstock era music.  And he will have her standing before she can crawl! 

Walter Cresswell O'Reilly was the founding President of the National Trust of Australia.  My grandfather, Walter Thomas O'Reilly was one of the founding architects of the Rolling Rock Bottling plant.  Three cheers for the original green lights! 

And who can forget Mr. O'Reilly, the fictional character who led "The Builders" from Fawlty Towers.  Today, Mr. Scott O'Reilly, leads his young players to victory on the basketball court.  And leads his young friend Matt through the chaos that is high school.

So, to review: there are Murphys and Kellys, O'Sullivans and Walshes, Smiths (really, top 10?) and Byrnes (if you can find it out in east bum...), O'Brians and Ryans (Ryan Ryan, how funny!), O'Connors (where you can find your church goods) and O'Neills (on Manor Place) but nobody tops the O'Reillys.  Or, has more fun!

Happy Day

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


One too many sugar plums:  A principal dancer in the NYC Ballet's production of The Nutcracker has been called overweight by a critic... She responded that she has a more womanly body than the sterotypical dancer (huh?).

High School Musical Tragedy:  Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens have called it quits after 4 years of dating because (it is theorized) that she is stuck in "Disney" and he is being offered more "juicy" roles...  Wasn't that Vanessa in the juicy nude photos that were somehow leaked to the press?

In another blow to young America:  Miley Cyrus was photographed taking bong hits on her 18th birthday.   Luckily, Hannah Montana wasn't at THAT party...

Too much competition:  People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive, Ryan Reynolds and GQ's Hottest Woman of the Year, Scarlett Johansson, have decided they are too hot to stay married... How lucky for the rest of us!

Time Magazine's Person of the Year is:   Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, the ultimate way to stay in touch with folks you haven't spoken to in years, comment on the misfortunes of others, cyberbully your old BFF, and tell people that you will be spending the next 20 minutes in your bathroom.  Excellent choice!

and perhaps most frightening:

Taking Aim at Education:   A deranged man with a gun, shot up a school board meeting in Panama City Florida because his wife has recently been fired from her job.  Except authorities can't find evidence (yet?) that the man was married.  Luckily, one of the board members tried to sneak up on the rather large and crazy gentleman and subdue him with her purse.  Our heroine ended up flat on her back with a gun pointed at her head (yikes!)

Happy Holiday Season!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Snow Day!

Snow Day, Snow Day
I'm sleeping in today!

Snow Day, Snow Day
Don't get in my way!

Grab my mittens, hat and sled
Jacket, boots, all in red.

I'm on my way
to build a snowfort, an igloo, a jolly man, an icy ball.
So excited, so many to call!

Everything crisp, cold and white,
Looking out the window, everything right.

What's that you say?
A two-hour delay,
Guess I'm going to school today...

(Unless I'm not!)

Monday, December 13, 2010

To Tip or Not to Tip? It is the Season

Tis' the season friends to acknowledge those around us that make us beautiful, massage our feet, wax our brows, and make life more bearable.  I am not sure why these people are only remembered during the holiday season, when we have less money to offer them, but tradition says if it is December look kindly upon them.

As someone that is often recognized at this time of year, an unexpected thank-you or quick note of graditude is greatly appreciated.  Something that acknowledges you have a life outside of teaching is fantastic.  Another Christmas candle or stale chocolate, please don't waste your money.  But, it can be embarrassing to be showered with gifts for doing your job, and insulting to be handed something simply because of obligation. 

So how do know how much (or how little) to give?  There are guides and experts everywhere, but I think "tipping" is personal and unique to each of our experiences.  Think about the people in your life that should be recognized and ask yourself some simple questions.  Consider: 

1.  How long has this person been providing you a service?  You would certainly tip your stylist of 10 years more than the lady at the mall you used once. So give your stylist an extra 10% at your holiday visit.  She will thank you for it!

2.  What is the quality of the service provided?  While you are killing yourself on the treadmill, is your trainer  finishing his Big Mac?  Bring him a Christmas card and a wheat grass shake.  You might help him to remember his motivation.

3.  How much can you live without it?  If you insult them with little or no tip, will you still be reminiscing about that fabulous hot stone massage years from now?  Add an extra $5 to their tip and book your next appointment right then.  You both benefit!

and maybe most importantly,

4.  What is your budget?  Can you afford to give your daycare provider the equivalent of an extra week's pay and still afford groceries?  No, then give an extra day's pay and have your child pick out a small gift for them.  You will melt her heart.

These are all questions that only you can answer.  But be as generous as you can.  Acknowledge the effort that others give to make you feel special and remember those that others often forget:  the bagger at the market, your child's bus driver, the person that holds the door for you, the guys that didn't complain when your garbage cans had some creepy crawlies in the bottom, and that kindly paper boy who actually left your paper on the porch during the rain storm.  It doesn't have to be anything expensive, even a small compliment will make their day.

There is nothing in the world like appreciation!

Sunday, December 12, 2010


I'm sure that you have all heard the old saying, "Karma is a witch with a B".  But is it some cliche that we all say, or is there really some cosmic force that makes all of us accountable (eventually) for our actions?

Let's ponder... I recently heard that our favorite barfly, let's call her James, was pulled over and charged with driving after drinking too much.  Is it fair to punish the fair-haired maiden for something that we have, in our own illustrious and hazy past, probably also been guilty of?  Is it ok to secretly smile at the misfortune of this annoyance who refuses to stay away from those we love?  Can we imagine the poor ingenue crying her tears of pity and offering to make it right with the policeman, right in her backseat?  I say... YES!

A few years back, I am embarrassed to say, I could actually tolerate James.  We have mutual friends and have occasion to attend the same functions.  I may have even enjoyed her obnoxious company at a Bachelorette Party once or twice.  But then her true character appeared in a short denim skirt, Ugg boots, and no underpants.  As she lay across the bar allowing and budding photographer to have a look, I thought:  WTF? 

It's 3 am, you have children at home, and you are buying drinks with change.  And let's not forget that $1.27 doesn't go as far as it used to, so as soon as you take your eyes off the poor dove, she is manipulating your loved one into one more shot.  Or better yet, insulting her own loved one and his family.  Laughing while others try to appologize for her antics.  She has even gone so far as to harass her opposition over the phone; cyberbullying is not above our champion of poor taste.  But still, did she deserve what she got?

Well James, as they say Karma is a ...  Friends, let's hope it never catches up with us!  Be good to each other.

Friday, December 10, 2010

13 - Not in My Suburb!

Recently the production of the musical 13 was pulled by the Shen school district for being too provocative for their stage.  The director had secured the rights to the play, ordered the playbills and had begun casting.  But the plug was pulled and instead they are now planning a Disney perfomance for their middle school drama production.  Intrigued by this censorship, I began researching this dirty little play...

13 is the story of a young man quickly approaching his Bar Mitzvah.  In the Jewish faith, this symbolizes adulthood.  As scary as that can be for the adoloscent male, our hero is also suffering through his parent's divorce, a move to a small town, a best friend that "everyone hates", and oh yeh, he is turning 13.  We all remember how confusing and life changing that can be.  Hmm... Sounds like great drama for the stage!  Sounds like something that other coming of age tweens can relate to!  Sounds like it might keep some middle schoolers from rolling their eyes in boredom!  Sounds like my urban district should consider this!

As the action progresses, our hero manages to adapt to his new town, join a peer group, and enjoy a great Bar Mitzvah.  Of course nothing goes smoothly and as we watch we are taken back to our own days in middle school.  Making new friends, leaving old ones behind, peer pressure, first dates, anxiety about first dates, and the like.  Enter the provocative.  These adoloscents are thinking about holding hands (yikes!), kissing each other (on the mouth!), and their budding sexual feelings for each other (duh!).  Something the Shen district calls "inuendo".  Accompany all this devilishness with signing and dancing and ... you must shut down production.

Sorry suburbanites, you will just have to stay 12.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Today is my husband's birthday.  You might think this a joyous occasion in our happy home, but like me he isn't that excited about growing a year older.  Don't get me wrong, I love birthdays.  I love the surprise.  I love shopping for the perfect gift.  I love wrapping and attaching a big bow.  I even love standing in the aisle at Target reading 73 cards until I find just the right one; the card that makes me laugh out loud and smile so proudly at myself.  I love giving gifts and receiving gifts and who can forget the best part of birthdays:  CAKE!!

It's the getting older part that I have a hard time with.  It all started when I turned 25.  Until then, my birthday was a day that I looked forward to.  A day that I knew would be all about me:  taking me to lunch, buying me presents, sleeping over at my house, and (when I was older) buying me beverages all night.  Then one day I woke up and turned a quarter century.  How had this happened so quickly? 

I began to assess my life.  I had a college degree, a job, great friends, a loving family, a boyfriend that I was really into, but why wasn't I happy?  Why wasn't I eagerly making plans and organizing a series of events to celebrate me

In retrospect, I think it was because all of the sudden I had became a grown-up.  And grown-ups have "things".  They have careers, houses, children, retirement accounts.  I had none of those things and more than anything I began to realize I desperately wanted them.  But good news:  later that day my great friends brought me to a surprise "Over the Hill" party and proudly handed me a cane.  Somehow it didn't make me feel better...

Monday, December 6, 2010

The Office Christmas Party (Part II)

It seems that all went well at the annual Christmas ( I mean Holiday) party.  Though not well attended, many people stayed late into the night and seemed to completely enjoy themselves.  The DJ handed over the mike and joined us on the dance floor (a plus).  There were no Swedish meatballs in sight (a double plus).  There was only one header taken (heals and alcohol are not the best couple). And the open bar was, well, open... except when it wasn't and a very thirsty and irate spouse summoned over the banquet manager.  She probably told him that a bar is a place to order an adult beverage and not a simple soda.  In fact the only negative that comes to mind is the crushing hangover that I suffered through yesterday.  If I could have just cut off my head and went on with my day, it would have been more tolerable!

Friends, here is a recap of the best things heard at the party:

*What is FD doing here?  (And why does she want to sit at our table?)
*It's top shelf liquor! I will have a Captain and coke.  (Just because the name is recognizable, it's not top shelf)
*So you slap a kid every now and again? (What's the harm in that?)
*What was your first room? (SF:  302?)
*Good news:  there is someone else wearing my shirt!
*Yes, it is a Christmas party, but your Christmas tie was not invited.

And my personal fave:
*Really, that is the name of a horse?

Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Office Christmas Party

Tonight my friends and I will partake in that time honored tradition:  The Office Christmas Party.  A chance to spend time with your collegues outside of work (gossiping about everyone), chat with those who are not often invited to your lunch group (and being reminded why), enjoy some festive food (why are Swedish meatballs festive?), and have a drink or ten

That is the real draw of the Christmas Party:  open bar!  To just hear those two little words will liven up any occasion.  How I love free drinks!  Let me count the ways:  cocktail hour cosmos, appletinis and h'orderves, dinner with table wine, dancing with beer bottles, shots in celebration of the year past.  These perks allow everyone to have more fun; to dance more; to mingle more; to finally tell that irritating co-worker that she needs to stop shopping in the junior section and find an undergarment that will lift AND separate.  And we don't want to forget how our oh so professional behavior can be displayed: speaking to our favorite sub and calling her Becky when her name is Bonnie; using our Irish whisper to comment on the attire of the women at the "so far out of range" next table; borrowing the microphone from the not so impressed band, and our favorite holiday memory:  mooning our boss and the whole Northway.  Open bar gives you the courage and sets the scene for a roaring good time.

But remember friends after the Christmas Party we do have to return to the office and be reminded of how much fun we had.  We do have to drive home and try to avoid the 180 degree turn on the on-ramp.  We will eventually see coworkers, bosses, board members again.  And we do not have an over-night babysitter so one of us has to be a kill joy.  But for you lucky little revelers out there, to really experience the open bar you are probably going to need some help with the recap.  So designate a friend to feed you with clue words and make it memorable.  And keep it off of Facebook Scott Patrick.  Cheers!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Opening Day

While at the gym today I was recovering from the treadmill and biking my way through a magazine.  I came across an article about making money online.  In today's nightmarish economy (do millionaires really need tax cuts?), who doesn't want to make money.  And isn't everyone online? Anyway,  there were some excellent suggestions:  "selling crafts" (I don't knit... ), "be a nurse on call" (education degree... ), "give advice" (would anyone listen?), "launch a blog" (hmm...)  Sounds intriguing.  So lets blog!

Maybe tomorrow the gym will inspire me with a topic for my blog...