Friday, December 3, 2010

Opening Day

While at the gym today I was recovering from the treadmill and biking my way through a magazine.  I came across an article about making money online.  In today's nightmarish economy (do millionaires really need tax cuts?), who doesn't want to make money.  And isn't everyone online? Anyway,  there were some excellent suggestions:  "selling crafts" (I don't knit... ), "be a nurse on call" (education degree... ), "give advice" (would anyone listen?), "launch a blog" (hmm...)  Sounds intriguing.  So lets blog!

Maybe tomorrow the gym will inspire me with a topic for my blog...


  1. Finally, a blog worth reading! Glad to see you've crossed over into the virtual world.

  2. I think its great! I totally agree with you Shan :)