Friday, December 17, 2010

Wine Night Christmas Party

Thanks friends, for another successful WNT Christmas Party.  Linds got this year's Snuggie (for her feet), Stacey got Lisa's makeup, Kristen a plastic glass, and me number 1 in the auction.  Broke up rather early, but for all of you out there that had to go to work today, brilliant!  Wait... What's that?  You haven't heard of WNT?  Let me explain...

9 years ago (yikes!) I began my storied teaching career.  Spending 7 hours a day, 5 days a week, 40 weeks a year molding young minds you experience highs and lows that don't exist in other professions.  You quickly build a type of comradery among those you teach with, each lunch with, commiserate with, and celebrate with.  Its easy during the school year to stay in touch and spend time together, but when June 24th comes around, school becomes an afterthought and it becomes time to enjoy the greatest perk of teaching:  Summer Vacation!

But unfortunately for most teachers, the majority of their friends and family do not have their summers off.  And for those lucky few like me, your colleagues at school have become your close friends; as is the case with the amazing group of gals that I work with.  So you don't want to spend your summer by yourself catching up on soaps and sunning yourself into a leather saddle bag.  My friends and I became determined to stay in touch over the summer and enjoy our lives outside of school together.  We began to gather weekly and soak up the sun, enjoy some tasty adult beverages and devour all of the dip in sight.  We called our celebrations Summer Club.

But like the school year, so must Summer Club come to an end.  We put away our tank tops, cleaned out our coolers, capped Rachel's guacamole, and made plans for next summer.  But June is so far away in September and we needed something else to look forward to.

Enter Wine Night Thursday!  Everyone brings a bottle (or two) to sample, a snack to share, and some gossip to spread.  Yes, we have to return to work on Friday, but lunch is ordered in and then it's the weekend. 

Good times!

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