Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I woke up this morning to my usual cheery child, bowl of cereal, and the Times Union neatly placed upon my porch.  (Kudos to my paper person for always having it there before I (I mean my baby) wakes up!)  As I watched said baby happily eating her hand and playing in her bouncer, I enjoyed by Cookie Crisp and opened the paper.  I began perusing its sections and found the usual:  celebrity gossip (Lindsay Lohan battered a rehab worker), the governor fined for accepting free Yankee tickets (isn't is a crime not to), Santa visiting the young children at Unity Sunshine (how merry), Paul Hewitt returning to his old stomping ground (those poor Saints), Capri pizza files for bankruptcy...  WHAT?

Capri pizza is a little joint in the heart of Lake George that sells hands down the thinnest, best pizza I have ever eaten!  It comes on a huge, round pizza tin and is set upon a tripod; providing a view and an aroma that the whole table can enjoy.  Partner that with the mixed appetizer platter (I dream of the jalapeno poppers) and a pitcher of Blue Moon and you may think that you are in heaven.  But they probably don't sell Lake George Does It Better shirts beyond the pearly gates, and they definitely don't close the beaches up there due to an overflow of human sewage.  So maybe it is not quite heaven, but it is a slice of heaven on earth.

And did I mention that they also have an outstanding wait staff that not only understands my husband's humor (rare), but is also willing to sell him the shirt off of her back (literally)?  And let's not forget the only thing that can make a slice of Capri better, especially late night following a showing of Aquanett, cold "mozzeral"!

Come on friends, we can't allow this gem to fade from view!  Gather up your holiday bonuses, all of your near and dear, and bring them up the Northway.  We are going to save Capri!!

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