Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Office Christmas Party

Tonight my friends and I will partake in that time honored tradition:  The Office Christmas Party.  A chance to spend time with your collegues outside of work (gossiping about everyone), chat with those who are not often invited to your lunch group (and being reminded why), enjoy some festive food (why are Swedish meatballs festive?), and have a drink or ten

That is the real draw of the Christmas Party:  open bar!  To just hear those two little words will liven up any occasion.  How I love free drinks!  Let me count the ways:  cocktail hour cosmos, appletinis and h'orderves, dinner with table wine, dancing with beer bottles, shots in celebration of the year past.  These perks allow everyone to have more fun; to dance more; to mingle more; to finally tell that irritating co-worker that she needs to stop shopping in the junior section and find an undergarment that will lift AND separate.  And we don't want to forget how our oh so professional behavior can be displayed: speaking to our favorite sub and calling her Becky when her name is Bonnie; using our Irish whisper to comment on the attire of the women at the "so far out of range" next table; borrowing the microphone from the not so impressed band, and our favorite holiday memory:  mooning our boss and the whole Northway.  Open bar gives you the courage and sets the scene for a roaring good time.

But remember friends after the Christmas Party we do have to return to the office and be reminded of how much fun we had.  We do have to drive home and try to avoid the 180 degree turn on the on-ramp.  We will eventually see coworkers, bosses, board members again.  And we do not have an over-night babysitter so one of us has to be a kill joy.  But for you lucky little revelers out there, to really experience the open bar you are probably going to need some help with the recap.  So designate a friend to feed you with clue words and make it memorable.  And keep it off of Facebook Scott Patrick.  Cheers!

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