Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Jesus Christ Burrito

I just read that Bomber's has an extraordinary Nativity scene in the front window of their Lark Street restaurant.  The Virgin Mother and Joseph are lovingly looking upon their swaddling burrito!  Matt Baumgartner believes that God must have a sense of humor, was gracious enough to bore him one, and in return he is merrily expressing it.

Well, not everyone is taking his scene in stride.  He has received numerous complaints and after considering everyone's feelings, will be rearranging his window display next year.  He will put the baby Jesus back in his manger and as one of his blog followers suggested, have one of the Wise men bring the baby gifts of ... burritos!  Throw in a pint of Blue Moon and a sparkling birthday margarita and everybody wins!

Hallelujah!  And now I will go say my 10 "Our Fathers"...

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