Sunday, December 12, 2010


I'm sure that you have all heard the old saying, "Karma is a witch with a B".  But is it some cliche that we all say, or is there really some cosmic force that makes all of us accountable (eventually) for our actions?

Let's ponder... I recently heard that our favorite barfly, let's call her James, was pulled over and charged with driving after drinking too much.  Is it fair to punish the fair-haired maiden for something that we have, in our own illustrious and hazy past, probably also been guilty of?  Is it ok to secretly smile at the misfortune of this annoyance who refuses to stay away from those we love?  Can we imagine the poor ingenue crying her tears of pity and offering to make it right with the policeman, right in her backseat?  I say... YES!

A few years back, I am embarrassed to say, I could actually tolerate James.  We have mutual friends and have occasion to attend the same functions.  I may have even enjoyed her obnoxious company at a Bachelorette Party once or twice.  But then her true character appeared in a short denim skirt, Ugg boots, and no underpants.  As she lay across the bar allowing and budding photographer to have a look, I thought:  WTF? 

It's 3 am, you have children at home, and you are buying drinks with change.  And let's not forget that $1.27 doesn't go as far as it used to, so as soon as you take your eyes off the poor dove, she is manipulating your loved one into one more shot.  Or better yet, insulting her own loved one and his family.  Laughing while others try to appologize for her antics.  She has even gone so far as to harass her opposition over the phone; cyberbullying is not above our champion of poor taste.  But still, did she deserve what she got?

Well James, as they say Karma is a ...  Friends, let's hope it never catches up with us!  Be good to each other.


  1. Why do I not know who James is (I know her real name too). I must have seen her before. What a shame - I didn't know she had a kid at home. I have some insider info and I heard that she did deserve what she got because she was a wreck. I usually don't care, but Facebook postings got me curious. I've never seen so many people so happy at someone else's misfortune. That speaks volumes to me - this girl seems to have no clue how unliked she is. Or sadly, maybe she does...

  2. Sadly, I think she does not care...