Monday, December 6, 2010

The Office Christmas Party (Part II)

It seems that all went well at the annual Christmas ( I mean Holiday) party.  Though not well attended, many people stayed late into the night and seemed to completely enjoy themselves.  The DJ handed over the mike and joined us on the dance floor (a plus).  There were no Swedish meatballs in sight (a double plus).  There was only one header taken (heals and alcohol are not the best couple). And the open bar was, well, open... except when it wasn't and a very thirsty and irate spouse summoned over the banquet manager.  She probably told him that a bar is a place to order an adult beverage and not a simple soda.  In fact the only negative that comes to mind is the crushing hangover that I suffered through yesterday.  If I could have just cut off my head and went on with my day, it would have been more tolerable!

Friends, here is a recap of the best things heard at the party:

*What is FD doing here?  (And why does she want to sit at our table?)
*It's top shelf liquor! I will have a Captain and coke.  (Just because the name is recognizable, it's not top shelf)
*So you slap a kid every now and again? (What's the harm in that?)
*What was your first room? (SF:  302?)
*Good news:  there is someone else wearing my shirt!
*Yes, it is a Christmas party, but your Christmas tie was not invited.

And my personal fave:
*Really, that is the name of a horse?


  1. That's great that you were included in your Christmas party while out on maternity leave. Definitely an advantage to working in your community. The bad thing about working for the state is that my office is HUGE and when I was out on maternity leave (albeit working from home), I was left out of a lot of things. Don't get me wrong, I work with good people, but sometimes I wish I worked with my friends!

  2. haha! I remember the "that is a name of a horse?" comment, but don't remember the reasoning behind it! haha I love this blog!!!! :)