Wednesday, December 29, 2010

To Regift or Not to Regift?

That is the question!  Over the past few days, we have all been to countless parties, dinners, and celebrations in which our near and dear have presented us with "things" that they felt we wanted, needed, or could use in some way.

Some of those things fit perfectly:  Vera Bradley luggage, a stainless steel garbage can, Pandora charms, and Ugg moccasins.  Some will fit (perfectly) when exchanged: the XL cashmere sweater (long story), the bottle of Shiraz (say it with me light and sweet), and the Reebox shape ups (so close my love).  And then there are those gifts that you scratch your head about: leg warmers (in 2010?), a 96 CD/DVD holder (does anyone still own these?), a dip bowl surrounded by robins (I thought we banished the gardening supplies to the shed?)

Though we can't understand why we wanted, needed, or could use such things, someone close to us did.  And that presents the dilemma.  What do we do now?

We could: 
Donate them to the Salvation Army, but they don't accept perishable food or beverage items. 
Throw them away, but the landfills are already pretty crowded with batteries, Styrofoam, and lead paint.
Add them to the garage sale box in the basement, but sometimes someone else's trash is just that.

Who doesn't want to recycle and pass on the holiday cheer?  We do!  Here are the top 10 most regifted items (the order has been changed to reflect my opinion!)

10. Fruitcake (why do people still make this stuff?)
 9. Clothing (I would be careful with this one)
 8. Housewares (especially Holiday decor)
 7. Cookbooks (hmm...)
 6. Picture Frames (add in a personalized picture!)
 5. Gift Baskets (unless it contains hand-made items)
 4. Candles (always in season)
 3. Jewelry (really?)
 2. Gift Cards (sorry friends, I'm too selfish)
and the best item to regift:  WINE or other spirit (especially when it is not light and sweet)

Just remember to regift is clever, but to regift to the person who originally gave it to you is maladroit.  In other words, they may no longer be so near and dear to you...

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