Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas

Today is Christmas Eve and every Christmas Eve I wake up filled with such excitement for tomorrow.  The overflowing stockings, boxes and bags.  The cinnamon rolls fresh from the oven.  Checking that the Santa plate is empty.  Getting all dressed up and drinking Poinsettias and Egg Nog.  Even though I am in my third decade, I always revert back to the days when I thought that I might burst from the anticipation.  This year my overwhelming joy spreads even further because last summer my own little Christmas miracle was born.  Not in a manger in a bed of hay, but in a very special place up the road a bit. 

My daughter is the most wished for gift that I had ever dreamed of.  It is unimaginable how such a tiny little being can completely fill your life with love and hope.  I thought that I was prepared for the impact that she would have on us, but I couldn't have been more wrong!  She has completely changed our life in every way imaginable and this year, as the tears are streaming down my face, I couldn't  feel more fulfilled.  My wish to you, friends, is that all of you follow that shining Christmas star and arrive at your own little miracle this year.  And that you, like me, have someone special to share it with!

Merry Christmas All!!


  1. As you can see, I cannot sleep either, so I decided to finally catch up on your blog and now I am sitting here crying at this post. I am so happy for you!!!

    Your next blog should be.... how the snow ruined our "regift" party!