Saturday, May 12, 2012

Time Magazine Cover

Have you seen the new cover of Time Magazine? It shows a blond woman standing with a child, reported to be 3 years old. He is standing on a stool. She has a breast exposed so that he can have a drink. He is staring at the camera with a mouth full of flesh. It is absolutely horrifying and borders on kiddy porn. The boy could easily be running down the hallway at my school, using the same stool to drink from the water fountain. The woman has a look of unabashed superiority, like she is the May Playmate in Playboy Magazine. Woman who choose to breast feed their children, I applaud you. Woman who choose to bottle feed, I am you. I will not stand naked on the cover of Parenting Magazine with a bottle in my hand. So please La Leche League, cover yourself up and stop trying to make the rest of feel inferior.

1 comment:

  1. I just can't understand why anyone would breast feed their child(ren) for so long. At some point it's got to lose the benefit for both of them and transition into an unhealthy attachment (pun intended).