Friday, June 3, 2011


I sometimes take a long time to make a decision.  I think about it, talk about, think about it some more and usually come to my conclusion early in the morning when I want to fall back asleep but have already started thinking about that thing that I have to make a decision about.  I am usually happy with the decision and will go on with my life until I have to think about another one.

Other people, however, don't seem to put as much thought into their decisions.  Take for example, my old high school and their storied basketball program.  I was a spectator to a pretty unique and extraordinary era.  Our coach was the best.  He yelled and screamed and entertained us as much as his players.  And we yelled and screamed and watched in awe as his "Mob" won Colonial Council championships, Sectional titles, State titles, and even a Federation title.  People used to refer to the Glens Falls Civic Center as our "home away from home."  There was never a question about the teams Coach Mardigan fielded.  They were tough, they were prepared, and they were going to win.  There was also never a question about who was in charge.  He was legendary.

When it came time for Coach to retire and enter the Hall of Fame, there was also never a question as to who would take over.  It was obviously going to be a member of his staff, who had played under Coach, scouted for Coach, coached under Coach, and deserved his shot.  And without question, and any Varsity experience, he was given the job.

Flash forward five years.  We are again in need of a new coach.  The decision is obvious, right?  Wrong, the decision is completely wrong.

They have decided to go in a different direction.  They have hired a coach from a different class, from a private school.  A coach with little knowledge of the kids, and no connection to the community.  He may as well be from another planet.  He is of course counting on the community remembering that he graduated from the high school, which so did I so I guess that would partially qualify me for the job.  He played hoop, graduated, and left.  Just like so many others.  Except the rest of the staff that played under Coach, scouted for Coach, coached under Coach, and deserve their shot.

The administration has overlooked the best candidate for the job because of what they claim is a lack of experience.  A candidate who teaches these kids every day, has coached every one of them on their rise to the Varsity level, and who is fully vested in his community.  Its really ridiculous that age counts as experience and not the actually coaching itself.

Even more unbelievable is the fact the our Hall of Fame coach, the only coach in Section II to win a Federation title, a coach with 546 victories, wants to come back to the court that is named for him.  Somehow he isn't qualified either.  But I guess logic isn't the direction in which they are moving.

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  1. Instead of being rewarded for their efforts current members of staff who are very active in the community and go above and beyond for the kids of this district are on the receiving end of pink slips (pre-budget) and are passed over for coaching positions. What the hell are they thinking? Why is Watervliet trying to force these dedicated people out?