Monday, June 6, 2011

Good Morning

There are two things that I love about mornings:  wake up sex cuddling and breakfast.  Since my mom reads this blog I will leave the first love to your dirty little imaginations and touch upon the second. 

I am a breakfast person.  I can eat bagels, donuts, cereal, eggs, juice and tea at any time during the day.  I love Bloody Marys with olives, Mimosas with extra champagne, and Poinsettias with rasberry cranberry juice.  Scones, cinnamon rolls, and muffins always have a place on my plate. I have also been known on occasion to eat cold pizza, french fries with gravy, and fountain soda as my first meal and call it breakfast.  I think about what I will have for breakfast as soon as I wake up.  I often think about what I will have for breakfast before I drift off to sleep.  And even more often I think about what I will have for breakfast (the next day) while eating breakfast (that day.)  It is just a meal that makes me feel good and I refuse to miss it.

The best breakfasts, though, are made by someone else.  They are served on trays, in white dishes, and come with strawberry jam and home-made biscuits.  Think buttery scrambled eggs, fluffy pancakes with syrup, and perfectly fried over medium eggs.  Rye toast cooked on both sides please!  Pass the bacon, ham, and sausage patties!  Top it all of with some home fries and I may need a moment...

Going out to breakfast is the best of both worlds:  you get the best meal of the day served to you and there are no dishes to clean up afterward.  Sure it costs you some cash, but that is why you invite your husband, father, or single best friend.  They will always offer to pay.  Nobody likes mornings, but breakfast makes them all a little more enjoyable.

Top three:  Hash brown Casserole at Cracker Barrel, Cinnamon Roll French Toast at Manory's, and the Fried Egg and Cheese on a Hard roll at Bob's Diner.

Good Mornings!



  1. I read the first line and am now boycotting this blog.

  2. Sorry SP, forgot about your virgin ears...