Friday, March 2, 2012

I love, but...

I am currently working but have been banished from my classroom for a few days.  I have an amazing Student Teacher and this is her week to shine.  So she is teaching my class and I am looking for ways to occupy myself for six hours.  My heart goes out to all of you that have to sit at a desk and do this every day, for eight hours!

It gave me an idea:

  • I love to have down time, but it makes the day longer!
  • I love to have clean laundry, but I hate putting it away!
  • I love to eat out, but reheating the left-overs isn't the same!
  • I love Girls' Night Out, but I die a painful death on Mom's Day In!
  • I love Sunday Funday, but dread Monday Workday!
  • I love pasta, but I dislike tomato sauce!
  • I love skinny jeans, but not on men!
  • I love my feet rubbed, every single day!
Feel free to add to the list.  And start enjoying the weekend that we all love.  Just avoid that alarm clock that is bound to return us to the grind on Monday.

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