Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I almost made a huge mistake this morning!  As I raced home from the gym, fear began to overtake my brain that was already spinning from the new torture that our Boot Camp instructor bestowed upon us:  reverse push-ups!  You have no idea...

Anyway, I was literally running up the street determined to intercept my husband and make sure that our daughter was dressed appropriately for the day.  By appropriately I mean in all green and white (of course): cute little shamrock dress, white tights, green fancy pants, green and white headband.  I was so relieved to find them still snuggling in bed.  That is when I almost made my huge mistake.  I dressed her in all green and white, complete with "My 1st St. Patrick's Day" shamrock bib.  This would have been a huge mistake because, as my all-knowing husband pointed out, "Are you crazy?  She's not going to keep that clean all day!" 

Right!  Off came the cute and on went the sweats.  (Oddly, she did keep it clean all day.) 

Flash forward through the day and we are ready to head out for corned beef and cabbage at "The Hall."  We arrive to meet my parents; my daughter in all of her cuteness and wrapped up in her Irish sweater.  "She is so beautiful!" people said.  "Look at her!" said others.  Smiles, winks, and happiness ensues until of course we are ready to eat and an odd, clearly not Guinness or corned beef smell begins to spread around the table.  Oh, no.  Hadn't I changed her when I got her dressed?  This is not good!

When I pick her up, my hand slides through something the consistency of cake batter.  I had to act quick! Without even turning the poor little angel around, I immediately head for the changing station.  Personally, I have always had issues with public rest rooms.  And even my own bathroom is not a place that I spend much time.  But my daughter seems to be taking after her father and throughly enjoys filling her diaper with any number of colorful things.  In her almost 8 months of life, I thought that I had seen the worst that could come from her little body.  Wrong!  The explosion I found had not only ruined her diaper, tights, fancy pants and onsie but managed to climb up her back and rest just inside her little armpits.  Luckily, I had a large Ziploc bag to contain the hazardous waste.  Unluckily, I had NO WIPES!  Cold, wet paper towels had to do. 

And worst of all?  The only change of clothes in her bag:  more sweats...

In the wise words of my ancestors:

"As you slide down the banister of life,
May the slivers always be facing the right way."
                      (And may you always have a tasty beverage and a full sleeve of wipes for your journey!)

Happy St. Patrick's Day, Friends

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