Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Pass It On Sale

Hi Friends!  I just got back from the best indoor garage sale ever:  The Pass It On Sale at the Albany Academy field house.  They had everything you could possibly need for babies, infants, and young children.  They even had items you didn't know you needed but couldn't possibly leave behind because they were only $5.00.  Like say a basketball hoop that lights up and plays music.  It's ok that my child is only 7 months old and can't walk or stand by herself.  For 5 bucks she needs it!!

I also got clothes, a plastic ring tower, and the best deal of the day:  an umbrella stroller with sunshade and mesh basket for... $7.00!  My mom's friend got a baby swing for only $15.00.  My mom?  A backpack to carry around her granddaughter.  Crazy you say?  Crazy that it cost $8.00!  Yes, most of the merchandise is slightly (and I mean maybe once or twice) used but it's LL Bean, Carter's, and Graco as far as the eye can see.  And not only small and practical things; they have tool benches and kitchen sets, shoes, hats, books, electronics, golf clubs.  It was really sensational!

The sale continues through Saturday, when if they have anything left it becomes half off.  Brilliant!  They also have another sale in August for winter gear.  To get the best deals and selection, you must register so check out their website: http://passitonsale.com/.

Happy Shopping!!

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