Saturday, March 19, 2011

Now What?

It seems that you can hardly get through a week without reading about a police officer in trouble with the law.  Just in recent memory police officers have been exposed dealing drugs, fixing tickets, abusing their partners, drinking while on duty, abusing overtime, and using excessive force with innocent suspects.  Unfortunately, it has happened again.  Last night the spokesman for the Albany Police Department, Detective James Miller, was arrested for driving under the influence.

So now what?  Does he make a statement to the public confirming that he was arrested last night?  Does he reassure the public that he will be thoroughly investigated and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law?  Does he make these statements while he is suspended without pay?  Or does his PBA rep step in and make his statments for him?

Detective Miller has always portrayed himself as the window into his department.  He sits behind his desk in his shirt and tie and assures us that we are protected and that his officers always do their best.  Shouldn't those same officers expect that of him?

I think that after teaching, firefighters and police officers have the hardest and most important jobs.  They are the people that we look to when we are frightened, injured, or in need.  They make it ok to let your child ride their bike down the street; your teenager to walk home alone after practice; your grandmother to live independently and safe.  Police officers are paid to enforce the law.  Shouldn't they also be expected to respect and uphold it?

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