Tuesday, April 19, 2011

To The Beach!

The best thing for EVERYONE'S self-esteem?  Hit the beach!  As you lay in the warm ocean breeze, soaking up UVA and UVB rays you can't help but people watch.  All day long people pass by.  Some are running, some walking, some waddling; literally. 

You will probably never be the smallest girl on the beach, as long as they allow preteens to wear bikinis anyway.  But you will NEVER be the largest girl either.  It's really invigorating to see what strolls by.  Oddly some people don't own mirrors and even more bizarre, manufactures insist on making two piece swimwear in sizes that are multiples of 12.  Good news for the rest of us. 

Just a week or so ago, I was in your shoes.  Stressing about my white skin and mommy body.  I had an anxiety attack in the dressing room of Macy's.  I packed more cover ups in my suitcase than I did swim suits.  (Some of which didn't even match!)  But now?  I can't wait to get to the beach.  In fact, my husband is currently packing our beach bag as I write this.

So if you are feeling down and need a pick me up... just grab your towel, some sun screen, and, yes, your bathing suit and park your amazing body on the beach for the afternoon.

And even better news?  The skinny girls are eating the same snacks as the rest of us:  Chex Mix, chips, cheeseburgers, and beer.  Hurray Beer!

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