Thursday, April 28, 2011


Little babies are really the most amazing creatures on this earth!  They come from a place that we don't like to talk about and look a little like a creature from another world.  But they grow and change and make you fall in love at first sight.  They make you feel like even if you do nothing the rest of your life, you are amazing!

I just took my little bundle of joy for her 9 month (!) check up today.  She has almost quadrupled her 5 pound birth weight and has grown almost a foot in 9 months.  She laughs and cries, can feed herself, drinks from a straw, waves good bye, blows kisses, and gives zirburts.  She can make music, give high fives, and tease you with a toy.  She will drench you when she is doing the backstroke in the bathtub and hug you tight when you say good morning.  She has deep blue eyes and one little tooth in which to eat her own feet.  She is truly amazing.

And she just had my photo shy husband running for our camera... she stood up for the first time in her crib.  Amazing!

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