Saturday, May 7, 2011


Is it just me or is the current season of Survivor being filmed at Club Med in Nicaragua?  Sure the ladies are sporting their dirty bikinis and they could all use a meal or 10 but to my untrained eye they look pretty darned good.  Not one of the castaways has gotten sunburned despite the 100+ temps that Jeff keeps taunting them with.  There is not a spot of frizz in their hair, a shadow under their arms, and Boston Rob's beard is still perfectly trimmed. They have cloth lawn chairs, spices for their food, and they haven't even bothered with the Survivor auction.  A reward challenge consisted of 60 seconds of chocolate cake.  Where are the edible insects?  Where are the local delicacies?  Where are the infected bug bites and blocked colons?  Who couldn't survive this tropical paradise!

And let's not even go to Redemption Island. Or let's!  Shelter?  Built!  Food?  Provided!  Flint?  You got it!  No wonder Matt's likes it so much there.

Please send me to Club Med for a month and give me a million dollars, too!  Or let me spend half of the month is a posh hotel and sit on the jury.  It's better than my current weight loss plan...

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