Sunday, July 17, 2011

Casey Anthony Released

Casey Anthony is scheduled to be released from prison today.  Her lawyer has recommended that she be whisked off under cover of darkness to an undisclosed location.  There she will be surrounded by body guards because she has received numerous death threats and emails predicting her untimely death.

Too bad she can't just go home and pretend that none of this happened.  Kind of like she did for the month she didn't report her missing toddler.  The month she spent partying, getting tattoos, and living the single life that any new mom has accepted is over.

But how do you go home to the place where your poor innocent child drowned in your family's pool?  How do you go home to the place where your father lives?  A place where according to you, he helped you cover up your daughter's death?  A place where your car is probably still parked and the smell of rotting flesh still permeates your trunk?  The place where your father supposedly abused you and caused you to act so selfishly?  How do you, in essence, return to the scene of the crime?

She can't.  Casey can't go back there because she would be forced to address all of her lies and get her story straight.  She would have to face the parents that for some reason stood by her during her incarceration.  She would have to face the media frenzy that is sure to descend upon her childhood home; interviewing people who had known her when; endlessly speculating on what comes next.  People are sure to come out of the woodwork with stories of Casey's indiscretions.  Why would she want to face that when she doesn't have to?

Instead she gets to waste more tax payer money on protection from unknown enemies and work on her book while enjoying the Florida summer.  Seems like a pretty obvious choice, for someone like Casey.

Many years ago another sensational murder trial gripped our nation.  A beautiful blond from California and her handsome young "friend" where killed in her Brentwood mansion.  A former football star drove his white Bronco around LA while the nation watched in bizarre fascination.  He too was found innocent.  The public was outraged.  And then we all moved on.

Nobody ever killed OJ and he was much more interesting, so lets just let this miscarriage of justice fade from our memory too.  And hopefully like OJ she will end up exactly where she belongs, eventually.

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