Saturday, July 2, 2011

Quiet Please!

There are times that we all crave conversation:  get togethers with our girlfriends, warm summer nights with a cool adult beverage, after a weekend with your newborn.  We catch up, vent, or even just use real words to communicate with family and friends.

And there are times when it is just not necessary:  at the movies, while I'm trying to finish my book, snuggle with my newborn (or oldborn) daughter, and late night when my husband decides to recap his evening (for the 3rd time).

Then there are those times when you think:  "Is she stillllll talking?"  Take yesterday for example.  I had a dental appointment.  An appointment, mind you, that had been rescheduled three times since January.  So instead of my loyal six month cleaning, I hadn't been to my hygienist in almost twelve months.  I pride myself in taking very good care of my teeth.  I brush and floss; whiten and polish; and can proudly say that I have only three cavities in my mouth.  None of which have been filled in my past two decades.

But expecting that my cleaning might take a little longer than usual, I closed my eyes, opened my mouth, and let my thoughts drift to all of the things that I have to do this summer.  Which is nothing because as a teacher I am taking advantage of that amazing song "School's Out for Summer".  Ahh...

"How old is your daughter?"  Who could possibly be taking right now? "Is she walking yet?" Really? Are we friends?  "Who does she look like? My first daughter looks just like me except for my husbands ears...."  I am salivating all over myself while you use a sharp instrument to scrape hardened gunk off of my teeth.  How exactly do you expect me to have a conversation with you?  I have never even met you, why do you care?  "What are your plans for the summer?"  Sweet Jesus.

We all need conversation.   Even conversation with virtual strangers.  But not in the dental chair.  Or while I am getting a massage, having an Ob/Gyn check up, or getting a pedicure from my favorite Vietnamese technician. 

Just leave me to my thoughts or the latest issue of Us Weekly.  Ok?!!

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