Thursday, October 13, 2011

Kanya West is the 1%

Every evening on the news you see more and more Wall Street protesters marching for equality in taxes, jobs, and life.  Many are young people who are out of work and fed up with the political gibberish that promises to help them.  They have babies strapped to their chests, drums banging in their hands, and sometimes zip ties across their wrists.  They have a message that is quickly spreading across the country and around the world.  And it's an important one.

This week the "99%" as they are known marched through some posh neighborhoods in Manhattan and paid Donald Trump and the like a visit.  Strangely, they were joined by Kanya West.  Who I'm sure was sporting a Tag Heur watch, designer duds, and a diamond in his ear.  Jewelry whose value could probably help feed an out of work family for a year.  Not quite the message that should be spread. 

Please Kanya, don't act like you are one of us, because you are not.  Living paycheck to paycheck and struggling to go on vacation every year is not your life.  Let's be honest, your whole life is a vacation.  Do us 99% a favor and stick to insulting your own celebrity kind.  Let us handle the politicians.

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