Sunday, October 16, 2011

Reselling Your Wedding (dress)

There is a commentary in this morning's paper from a blogger who was recently married.  There is a beautiful picture of her wedding dress hanging demurely on a mannequin and then hugging her own curves nicely.  One might think that the article is about finding the perfect dress, exquisite tailoring, or dream weddings.  Nope... it is about selling your wedding dress.  Emphasis on the words YOUR.

I kind of thought that I was odd because I picked out my dress before I even entertained the idea of being married.  I was tanning one afternoon and happened to pick up a magazine while waiting for my sister to finish her session.  Anyone who knows my sister understands I had mere seconds before she emerged from the booth pale and happy with SPF 50 in her hands.

Anyway, I came across this advertisement with a porcelain faced blond in a white and purple dress.  It was simple but so different from anything I had ever seen before.  No beads, no long train, full but not prommy.  It was me, even down to the tiny roses the framed the bust line.  Without thinking, I tore the page from the magazine and hid it away in my underwear drawer for safe keeping.

When I got engaged two years ago, I pulled out the picture.  Not surprisingly the dress was no longer in stock and the store that was advertising it was no longer in business.  But I was determined to wear it.  And I did with the help of an amazing dress maker.

So the thought of selling my dress today boggles my mind.  I haven't even had it cleaned because I don't want to wash away all of those memories from one of the best days of my life.  

In the commentary I was reading, she mentioned that she too thought about her dress before she met her future husband (romantic).  But unlike me, she actually purchased it (weird).  She purchased it for 30% off (smart) hoping at the time of purchase to resell it for 20% more than what she paid (what).  She called it a "use now" purchase.  And she is ready to sell after having been married for only two months.  Wonder when she will be ready to trade in her "use now" husband?

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