Friday, September 9, 2011

The Crossings

Since the sun was shining brightly today when I left work, I decided to pick up my daughter and bring her to The Crossings in Colonie.  The smooth paths are very conducive to jogging with the stroller and she loves the huge sand box and slides.

Unfortunately due to all of the tropical weather we have been subjected to lately, the playground (with all of the slides and sandbox) was closed due to flooding.  In fact many of the open spaces had pools of water; some of which had ducks happily swimming about.

More unfortunate was the path that I chose.  I slowed down so that the puddles would not spray us as we made our way through.  But one rather large puddle rose above my ankles and waterlogged my sneakers.  You would think that they would have that clearly marked.  Kind of like when the flashing signs warn you against driving through standing water.

As we both unhappily slogged our way back to the car I did see two interesting things:
1.  A man we passed walking on the path was walking in dress pants and dress shoes...making bird calls.  He was heading right for the engulfing puddle to become one with the birds,I guess.
2.  A woman was changing from her jeans into sweat pants...right in the parking lot.  Her daughters were trying to block her from view, unsuccessfully.

But the most interesting bizarre thing I saw was on the road driving in front of us.  A tan Buick with a large pair of testicles hanging from its licence plate.

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  1. Be on the lookout for more bizarre car accessories. Just saw the headline: "Car thongs" are the now the new 'truck nutz.' And yes there is a picture.