Monday, September 5, 2011

Favorite Foods in the World

CNN is out with a list of the world's favorite foods.  You will find some of your favorites included:  lobster, ice cream, pizza (#2) and chocolate (#3).  You will also find some that are no so appealing well-known to us Yankees:  Champ, stinky tofu, and Massamun Curry (#1).

Personally anything that leaves a curry after smell would be immediately cut from my list.  I don't understand why people subject themselves to that spice.  It really doesn't taste that great and it permeates from your pores longer than garlic sauce.  It just reminds me of being dirty.  Why don't you just let your cat spray you and then get dressed for a date?  Or better yet, approach that skunk in your back yard and jump in bed with your husband.  Sounds appealing, eh?

But I digress... check out the link and see if your favorites made the cut.  I am still looking for the mac and cheese.

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