Sunday, September 25, 2011

Dancing With Hope Solo


I am renaming DWTS because the only one that I really want to see is Hope and Max.  I am so glad that he reached out to her and she agreed to be on the show.  Yes, there were some akward moments.  Yes, she has bigger muscles than her partner.  Yes, you have to suffer through Chaz Bono and Nancy Grace, but there were some really great moments on the season premier that will make me tune in again tomorrow.

Hope looked beautiful, even graceful at times.  She was honest and tough and gave a shout out to her teammates in Seatle.  Carson Kressley was hillarious.  There is no Edita to stubble through her praise and steal the spotlight.  And just as it should be Metacomet (or whatever Ron Artest is calling himself these days) was sent home. 

I may need to eat my words and watch the whole season...I even voted on Monday.  That I usually save for the semi-finals.

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