Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Irene Oxymorons

Hopefully, friends you are not among the many that are cleaning up from Irene.  We escaped unscathed, luckily, but I have been keeping up with the struggles of others through the newspaper and Internet.  Some things have struck me:

1.  Schenectady has a marina. (It must really be in Scotia.)
2.  Floods are only covered by flood insurance and you have to live in a flood plain to get it. (People that choose to live in a flood plain agree to take their chances.)
3.  Vermont is a land-locked state with widespread flooding. (Where will all that water go?)
4.  To clean up after a flood, you need more water. (Doesn't seem fair.)
5.  FEMA is out of money, but the government did manage to "loose" 60 BILLION dollars in Afghanistan.  (That is just moronic.)

1 comment:

  1. Our friend's basement flooded (finished basement) and it wasn't covered by insurance. The agent was kind enough to tell them that it was because it was ground water, but if the water tank had exploded and flooded the basement, it WOULD be covered. I hate insurance companies.