Tuesday, August 23, 2011

She Had Reading Material

I am not one to linger in the bathroom.  I do not have a stocked magazine rack next to my toilet.  I do not bring the paper with me.  I do not lock the door for some alone time.  I get in and get out.  The bathroom is a place for one thing, and it is not something that I like to think about or discuss in polite company.  And I am talking about my own bathroom.  A place that I clean.  A place where I know all of the people that use it. 

Public restrooms are another horror entirely.  Before I had a child I would avoid them at all costs.  Work was not problem.  My body was highly trained to retain all bodily fluids between the hours of 8 and 3.  I would use my own before I left the house so I couldn't tell you where they are located at the mall, most restaurants, or any grocery store.  I am a little more versed in their placement at local bars, but that was born of necessity.  And luckily a little effect of local bars is often selective blackout.  If I can't remember using a public restroom, did it really happen?

So imagine my disgust today when I walked into the locker room at my gym.  I found an available locker, secured my things and stepped on the scale.  Then I walked back to the sinks to wash my hands (gyms are a breeding ground for MRSA you know!) and I saw her.  She was coming from the bathroom stalls.  She was smiling from ear to ear.  She had reading material.

Who does that??????


  1. It's possible she wasn't reading in there but simply had it with her when she had to go. I couldn't blame her for not wanting to leave it on the sink where it could get wet or somewhere else a person could walk away with it.

    I'd be lying if I said I'd never brought mail or a magazine into a stall at work balanced it carefully on the toilet paper holder and went about my business. Before you get grossed out I was also very careful which hand I used to pick it back up.

  2. You probably should have washed your feet in the sink after stepping on the MRSA scale.