Sunday, August 21, 2011

Foot Washing

There are a few blogs that I follow regularly and I often get ideas to comment upon from them.  It is kind of like teaching and Hollywood.  There are only so many original ideas.  We borrow things all the time.


Yesterday I saw a post with the sign above.  It was taken at the Saratoga Race Track.  The blogger wondered why on earth anyone would ever consider doing that at the Track.  People responded with some funny blurbs ( always want to wash your feet before you insert them in your mouth) and some practical ones ( does get muddy in the picnic area). It made me think about a wedding that I attended this summer. 

At Mallozzi's in Rotterdam.  The Magnet Man was there.  Open bar.  Fabulous cocktail hour.  As you can imagine, it was beautiful.  The food was very good and a great time was had by all.  Except my feet.

I searched and searched for the perfect dress and decided to purchase two and make a last minute decision. During my search, I went back to the same store twice and while trying on dresses I used the same pair of fabulous 3 inch heels.  I took that as a sign to buy the shoes as well and they looked great.  And they felt great during the 20 minutes or so I spent trying on dresses.  Five hours in the real world didn't work out so well.

So like many other revelers, I shed my shoes and took my bare feet to the dance floor.  I did my best to dodge the spilled beverages, vodka sauce, cake frosting, and various foot funk but finally gave up and marched myself to the bathroom.  Where I proceeded to wash my feet... in the sink.

Is that bad?


  1. You've done worse things in the sink! hahaha

  2. That would be an entirely different post:)