Friday, August 5, 2011


Every time I get invited to a BBQ I get excited.  I love cook out food, cold beverages, and hot sun (especially when there is a body of water nearby!).  I love when they start a little later so that we will still be drinking relaxing when it starts to get dark.  And that means that a fire pit will be crackling nearby and S'mores will be on the menu.  Just more evidence to support that fact that summer is by far the best season.  Sorry Fall Lovers.

The only dilemma?  What to bring!  Hmmm... 1.  Do you bring what you like?  2.  Do you bring the expected?  3.  Do you try something new?  4.  Will there be something that my husband, 1 year old, condiment phobic brother will eat?

1.  Sure!  Don't expect that someone else will bring the deviled eggs and dessert.  You can always suggest as much but there is no guarantee. So bring your favorite.  Others will thank you for it.
2.  Not necessarily.  The reason why people love your cucumber dip is because it is not readily available.  And no matter how many times you have given out the recipe it just doesn't taste the same when someone else makes it.  Luckily.
3.  If you are a gambler, go for it!  What's the worst that could happen?  It gets thrown out with the fly ridden burgers and congealed dip.  What the best?  You have a new 'expected' dish. 
4.  Everyone eats chips and cookies so slip some in your bag when you pick up your tasty beverage of choice and no one goes home hungry.

No matter what you bring your hostess will be appreciative.  Just make sure that you bring something.  Nobody wants to be that guy.  His next invite might some how never arrive.

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