Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Instant Anxiety Attack

I just left Babies-R-Us and my head is spinning.  It seems like every expectant mother registers for the necessities there.  Why wouldn't you?  They carry everything you could possibly ever need to raise a child, except a partner of course.  And they have prime parking spaces marked with a cute little stork for Mom's to Be.  This will be easy right?

Wrong.  Just walking through their double doors is overwhelming to me and I have a small child.  I can't even imagine how it feels to a baby virgin.  You are immediately bombarded by boxes of 324 diapers (how many months will that last me?); 936 wipes (why can't they just match up hot dogs and buns?); racks and racks of clothes (should you really spend $29.99 on a newborn dress); and breast pumps, Diaper Genies, and video tracking devices monitors for your nursery.  There is so much stuff:  baby stuff, toddler stuff, travel stuff, bedding stuff, clothes, shoes, toys, food stuff, I could go on and on.

Did you know that there are strollers, joggers, travel systems, car seats, car seat bases, Snap and Go(s), Bundle Me(s), snack pods, stroller clips, and baby netting?  And that they are all interconnected and can be used together?  Did you know that there are pacifiers and Nuks and Soothies and teething rings and teething spoons and wipes to keep them all clean?  Not to mention wipe warmers, shopping cart protectors, end table bumpers, and a cup that keeps little guys from squirting you in the face as you are changing him.  Overwhelming!

Even more overwhelming are the aisles that do not follow numerically, the bedding that has been moved to the FAO Swartz display up front, and the items on the registry that are available in limited quantity.  That really means that they have been hidden away in an aisle of mish mash that does not have a number.  Just skip any stars on the registry and keep looking.

Registering for your  Retrieving items from said registry...add a bottle of Advil to your cart and immediately employ the help of the numerous associates that are walking the floor with you.  They are extremely helpful!  But maybe they wouldn't need so many if they just organized the store...

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  1. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU HAVE TO SHOW MCNEFF THIS BLOG!! SO MANY TIMES DOING THE SHOPPING WITH THOSE CRAZY REGISTERIES! I DEFINITELY NEEDED A BEER OR 6 AFTER! (it's Cristi by the way... for some reason, it is saying "unknown"... haha!