Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Beyond Sorry

Can you imagine walking in to a wake and not having to wait in line? Then imagine you are only the seventh person to sign the guest book. You look among the rows of chairs, only to see a teenaged girl bookmarked by her two younger brothers. There is no one else in the room. Except for the solemn figure awaiting you at the casket. He stands there a devastated father morning the loss of his second wife to debilitating disease.

Imagine you kneel at the casket and rack your brain for some words of comfort to offer this grieving family. A family whose beloved mother passed on much too soon. You look about unable to face them. On her wrist sits the friendship bracelet that her ten year old son made for her; her name spelled out in heart charms.

Imagine you turn from the casket, tears streaming down your cheeks feeling something beyond sorry for this family. Imagine that instead of comforting him, your ten year old student hands you a tissue.

On second thought, don't imagine any of this and be so grateful that you have not had to experience this day and that unlike Daniel and Patrick you never will.

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