Thursday, December 22, 2011

Salute the Boot

Tomorrow I turn the big 30 (plus 7) and this year instead of wallowing in self pity and yearning for those crazy years when I was young and thin and broke and could drink two days in a row, I am going to relish in my day and head down to the Biergarten.  They don't care that I have a child safety seat in my (gasp) 4-door sedan, that I donated all of my (say it isn't so) odd sized, low-riding jeans, or that I now share a bed with two other people (wait for it), one of whom is 17 months old and likes to stick her finger in my nose.  They are happy that I am an employed 30-something with a three bedroom house, a husband, and some loyal friends to share in my happiness. 

They also encourage me to celebrate my birthday by throwing wonderfully salty peanut shells on the floor and drinking German beer from a boot.  There will be soccer on the TV, beer pretzels at the table, and maybe even some spetzle with gravy to keep the spirit high.  There is also plenty of happiness to go around if you want to join us!  See you at the high top near the dart boards.  I will be the one with my head sticking out under the wooden elf hat.  Unless of course you join us later when I will be laying at the foot of the elf...

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  1. Haha. Great post. Love the birthday turn around (finally!).