Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Card "Exchanging"

I will be the first person to admit that I sporadically send Christmas cards.  Some years I am super organized and find really nice cards (reasonably priced) and send them out to everyone I know: friends, colleagues, aunts, uncles, anyone that sends one to me.  Other years, unfortunately they are the last thing on my mind. 

I appreciate the cards that people send to me:  the funny ones from my sister, the traditional ones from my aunts, the picture cards from my friends with their adorable families on the front.  I am not on Facebook (believe it) so the updates that the picture provides are welcome.  Others however I don't quiet understand:  the piano keys on the card from my financial advisor, the wedding photo from two years ago from coworkers whose wedding we didn't attend, and adults who take pictures of themselves and send them as Christmas cards.  Wouldn't you rather save that picture in a frame instead of my recycling bin?

My favorite cards are the ones that are unexpected.  Your kids are waving from the beach, your dog is dressed as The Grinch,  they have a Holiday scratch off, and any card from Hallmark's Shoebox collection. 

This year I have received more cards than ever before and am feeling guilty that I didn't send a card to each of them in advance because exchanging cards means more than just receiving one.  My goal next year is to be more equitable and mail out the latest photo of my child to all that I know.  Maybe I will even throw in a three year old wedding photo as a bonus!

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