Thursday, December 29, 2011

Good Bye 2011

As the end of the year nears and we all try to sort through the good and the bad, here are a few things that I hope fade quickly from memory (and fashion magazines where applicable).

1. Colored jeans. They are too tight, do not go with anything but black shoes, and were forgotten quickly the first time around. Would you even consider going back to egg white mouse and double gold necklaces? Then keep the colors above your waistline.

2. Fake feather extensions. I first thought they were earrings. When I realized they were actually anchored somehow in people's hair, I became even more confused. In my experience you don't want a reminder of a close encounter with a bird. Even if it's supposed to bring good luck.

3. Plaid and/or flannel shirts. We live in the northeast and consider cowboy boots a fashion accessory. Wild mustangs, johnny cakes, and belt buckles that double as a hood ornament do not exist in your world. Leave your cow girl clothes where they belong: the Neverland Ranch.

4. Katy Perry's naked thighs. Pretty sure we went through this with Beyonce and even her tan didn't help her escape the YouTube ridicule. Katy is a shade lighter than pale and must have forgotten she isn't 15 anymore. Her thighs are not setting off any fireworks for me.

5. Old school football/baseball/basketball uniforms. Why make it hard for the fans you still have to find their favorite team? Its so irritating trying to figure out who or what is being remembered. Just play the game and keep the home team in white. Plus, there was a reason why they updated their unis, stop second guessing the decision and get your butts down the field/baseline/court. Or take a cue from the Yankees and don't change a thing.

Feel free to add to the list. I may...

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