Sunday, January 1, 2012

Hello 2012

My friends and I tried something different this year to ring in the new year. We reserved a hibachi table for ten, ordered some saki, and stuffed ourselves with quazi-healthy food. The chef was entertaining and the food very good.

We then thought we would bar hop and were quickly reminded of why we usually have a house party. It is hard for that many people to come to a concenses and driving while drinking is a pain (at least for one revealer). And further, what bar owner in their right mind isn't open on NYE? Wolf Road Recovery Room...

We eventually ended up at Bootleggers, a new bar that used to be a favorite hangout in my previous decade. The decor hasn't changed. Neither has the music. The crowd is still full of twenty-somethings sweating it out on the dance floor and making a mess in the restroom. Another reminder that next year we should revisit the houseparty. But being the popcorn machine!

Anyway, with all of the driving and non-commitment I woke up today without a hang over and an offer from my mom to entertain my 17-month old for a few more hours. (Or is Kendall entertaining them?) Oh, and did I mention we topped off the night with fries and gravy. Hello 2012!

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