Saturday, January 28, 2012


I hate paying full price for anything.  If I am clothing or shoe shopping, I will rarely even try on something that is not on sale.  Or if I am at Macy's, that I don't have a coupon for.  Every Sunday I scan all of the ads to decide where I am going to do my grocery shopping that week, where the best deal is on diapers, and what restaurant is giving away a BOGO meal.  I won't even let my 18 month old interrupt me until I have finished the whole Sunday paper and all of the ads.

My husband might say I am obsessed with coupons.  I have a drawer full of them, they often fall out of my planner, and my fridge is covered.  I subscribe to coupon sites.  I cut them out of newspapers, fliers, and magazines and follow this amazing blog called Money Saving Mom. 

I have found amazing deals on this site like winter hats from LL Bean for $1.99 (shipped).  I use it to accumulate Pampers Gifts to Grow points and Swagbucks.  There are also postings for inexpensive recipes, home improvements, and vacation deals.  I haven also gotten a ton of free samples of all sorts of products.   The blogger devotes ALL of her time to scouring websites and fliers for the best deals imaginable.  She is an extreme couponer and something that I aspire to.

Last night she did her grocery shopping for the week and only spent forty-four dollars and change between Target and Aldi.  Though I have never been to an Aldi, I have been known to frequent Target multiple times in a week.  As I was looking through what she was able to purchase, with utter amazement, she noted that every single thing she bought she used a Target coupon to save money.  She also used a manufacturer's coupon for additional savings. 

Once again my shopping guru has opened my eyes to savings!  I now know that multiple coupons can be used for the same item and that Target has its own coupon site.  AHHHHHH...

Check out the link below for your own enlightenment.  I am off to Target with my coupons to save a bundle.  I will check back later with my results!

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