Monday, January 23, 2012

Hannaford Supermarkets

I am not a Price Chopper fan. Yes, I find the Advantage gas savings alluring, but unless I am buying gift cards or they are having a buy one get three free sale I try very hard to avoid their over-crowded and high priced stores. I am a Hannaford shopper.

Hannaford has a policy that states if you are over-charged for something or if your receipt is incorrect, they will refund your money and give you a dollar for your inconvenience. Really! You simply go to the customer service counter, explain your situation, and hand over your receipt. Or not, like I found out today.

It all began yesterday when I was checking out. I asked the cashier if they still sold stamps at the register. She responded yes and commented that I was the first one to buy the new stamps from her. Stamps went up again you see and I was exactly one day late in buying them. My favorite mailman must have gotten another raise...

Anyway... as we continued to discuss how the post office is going to alienate the only customers that they have left by bankrupting us, we must have gotten distracted. When I got home and looked for my stamps, they were not in any of my bags.

I returned to the store today, went to the customer service counter, and explained my situation . The extremely helpful rep didn't even ask for my receipt. She appologized for my inconvenience and handed over a book of stamps. Just like that.

Take that, Chopper Shoppers!


  1. Don't get me wrong I'm no PC super fan (much rather have a Wegman's) but I don't understand the dis on Price Chopper. Do you think they wouldn't have given you stamps under the same circumstances?

  2. I don't think it would have been as easy. Once when I made a suggestion to them about a product idea, which their web site said was welcome, they brushed off my idea

  3. I also can't stand when , for example, they have a cereal display of "4 for $8" and sneak in a regular priced box into the display...