Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Profile Picture

Did you know that when you Google someone who has a Facebook page, their profile picture shows up? Along with their name and pictures of anyone else who shares their name? Even if you have a private profile. A private Facebook... now there is an oxymoron.

As you all know, I do not have a Facebook page but discovered this today when my fifth graders were Googling their mom. A mom who happens to be a close friend of mine and has a private Facebook page. There was her smiling profile picture, complete with her smiling husband and two minor children. For any unmentionable to view, copy, and enjoy with all of their unmentionable friends. There were also many other pictures of people with the same name whom I don't know, in various states, including tongue wrestling with a bare chested and quite fit young man.

A word to the wise: make sure your profile picture, private or not, could be comfortably viewed in the presence of your mom, dad, employer, and ten-year old's fifth grade class.


  1. Try doing a Google image search for YOUR name and Watervliet and strangely enough, a picture of MY husband comes up, so really, you're in worse shape than those of us with Facebook.

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  3. And if you leave off the Watervliet, there are some very unfortunate looking individuals who share your name...
    And on a side note - I've now spent close to an hour Googling people I know to see what's out there - the Internet is a scary place, but I'm surprised I've never tried this before!