Sunday, February 20, 2011

Baby Showers at Home

Yesterday afternoon I went to a baby shower that was held at the mom-to-be's home.  When I received the invitation, I found it strange.  I have been to showers held in people's homes, but never hosted by the new mom.  As I sat there yesterday I thought about the pros and cons:

Pro:  small and intimate!
Con:  tight and crowded...

Pro:  home-made food that the new mom enjoys!
Con:  not everyone likes curry and runny broccoli salad...

Pro:  mom travels to her comfy couch!
Con:  guests travel an hour to the middle of nowhere...

Pro:  all of the gifts are already home!
Con:  none!

Pro:  no time frame to abide by!
Con:  a shower for about 20 guests lasted almost 4 hours...

If I ever have another baby shower for myself, you are all invited to my house :)

1 comment:

  1. You forget your own shower was not at home but was very tight and crowded!

    I like the home shower idea. It's much more intimate and it was great to be able to check out the nursery.

    Travel time and disorganization can affect any shower not matter where it's held. Unless you've got efficient hosts and very local guests, road trips and long showers are just a part of the experience.