Saturday, February 12, 2011

Another Reason to Keep Your Butt Small!

Hi Friends!  It has been awhile since I have been able to post, but good news:  I'm back!  No face plants, no sore wrist, no more excuses...

There are a few blogs that I keep up with because I enjoy also reading about what other people are thinking, I learn interesting things, and I am a huge bargain hunter.  So I like to check them out and keep myself informed.  This morning a headline caught my attention:  "Woman Dies In Hotel of Botched Butt-Enhancement".  It wasn't that the poor thing died; I read that everyday in the obits.  It wasn't that something odd went on in a hotel; we all have a story about Coco's Motel.  But a butt-enhancement?  I thought only the Kardashians were that dumb, I mean bold.  I was definitely intrigued!

I began reading about this 20 something from England who traveled all the way to a Hampton Inn in Philadelphia to have her butt enhanced.  Remind me again why anyone wants a bigger butt?  Which means tighter jeans and bigger seats and panty lines!!  Sorry, I digress...

Now Philadelphia is home to Temple University and its world renowned Medical Center and it also has a children's hospital that was ranked the #1 pediatric hospital in the United States by Parents magazine.  But did our desperate Brit choose one of these pillars of medical science.  Nope, she checked her and her sorry butt into the local Hampton Inn.  Yes, Friends there was a reason we fought to distance ourselves from our British com padres.  We might just be smarter than them... 

Anyway, during the procedure, she started having breathing problems and developed chest pains.  Kind of like when you are trying to shrink your butt via the treadmill.  But alas, she was not able to recover by jumping to a bike with a People magazine in her hands.  When she arrived at the hospital she was pronounced dead.  Unbelievable!  See the link below for the full story.

And the saddest part of this story?  She didn't even get to enjoy the complimentary hot breakfast.  The make-your-own waffles are the BEST!!

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