Monday, February 28, 2011

Not an Oscars Person

I am not an Oscars person.  I never have been, probably never will be.  I'm pretty sure I have never seen an entire show.  I usually haven't seen any of the films.  I've never been to an Oscars after party.  And I don't obsess over the red carpet. 

But like the rest of you I haven't been able to avoid all of the negative fall-out today.  Wow!  Was it really the worst show ever?  Did the hosts completely fall on their faces?  Was James Franco really stoned?  Is Anne Hathaway really the next Catwoman?  (Sorry, I digress..)

Was an F-bomb shared with millions?  What the heck was Gwenth Paltrow wearing?  Why is Young Hollywood trying to look so old?  And old Hollywood still shopping in the Junior's section?  Yikes, Friends, beside Natalie Portman and her "radiance" and the triumph of the 70 year old screen writer of The King's Speech, I can't really find anything positive about last night.  (Not that I was looking...)

But good news:  A free short stack awaits you tomorrow at IHOP.  Now that totally has my interest!

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