Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Discounted Travel Sites (cont.)

Two days later and no call back...

So, I decided to give them a call.  After being put on hold for almost 20 minutes and disconnected, I called back in my teacher voice.  Guess I should have tried three claps to get their attention because the customer service rep would not connect me to a mananger, could not secrure my travel, and I still don't have a new itinerary.  The travel site is blaming the airline for changing its schedule.  It is up to the airline to resolve my issue, they said.  But I was assured it will be resolved.  I'm "not traveling until April" after all.  Super!

Thanks, Lee for not helping me.

I then decided to do some checking on my own.  There aren't any seats left on the flight that my parents were moved to, so maybe we will be booking us in the baggage compartment...

Beware, Friends, be very aware when you book your travel!

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