Monday, January 3, 2011

Princess Boy

I just watched a very interesting segment on the Today Show entitled "Princess Boy."  I had read about this young man a few weeks ago in People Magazine but today Dyson and his very brave mother spoke to Meredith Viera about their experience.

Dyson is a cute little 5-year old who prefers castles to tree houses, pink to blue, and dresses to baseball caps.  Initially alarmed, his mother was convinced by her older son to just let him "be happy."  So she agreed to let him be a princess for Halloween and to dress in little girl's clothes.  She also began to journal about her experience and eventually wrote a book to share her story.

I am not sure how I might feel if I found myself in a similar situation, but I can imagine how others in my life might react and that is unfortunate.  If my daughter decided to dress like a boy and play sports, my husband and her uncles would be ecstatic.  So why is it different the other way around?

With all of the disrespect, teasing and bullying in the world, I salute Dyson's mom for advocating for her son.  For allowing him to express himself.  And to let him be happy, no matter what color he is wearing!


  1. I've read about Princess Boy before and I am 100% behind the Mother. Good for her for not trying to shame her son into being what he clearly doesn't feel that he is. I've done a lot of work/research with people with Gender Identity Disorders and I think that this boy, with love and support of his family, will grow into a productive member of society - who gives a shit if he is a man or woman.

    NOW - I'd love to hear your thoughts on this article:

    I do NOT envy teachers who have to deal with this kind of stuff - even with your Summer vacations!

  2. Unbelievable! It is right up there with some other outstanding Oklahoma laws: Tissues are not allowed in the back of one's car; People can be jailed for making ugly faces at dogs; and (take us all straight to jail for) Being a female who does our own hair without a permit...

    Are there not enough murders, robberies, and assults to keep law enforcement busy?