Friday, January 14, 2011

Wall of Fame

The I Smile Studio in Colonie Center has the fantastic program called "I Grow".  You pay $20 and have your child photographed every month until their first birthday.  Each time you go, you get to choose one free sheet of pictures and get a percentage off any additional sheets that you purchase.  They document your little one as they change during the first year of their young lives.  After 12 months, I Smile throws a birthday party for your child and they send you off with a collage of memories.  (I read somewhere that you should put a number (sticker) on your child and photograph them every month, but this is SO much better.)

A good friend (and new mom) turned me on to the program and my daughter and I have gone six times now.  Our first session was pretty comical because she didn't wake up until the photographer took all of her clothes off.  We had ten pictures of a cute, little (and I mean little) bugger happily snoozing away; and two pictures of a screaming, red-faced, miniature crazy person.

Subsequent sessions have included boppies, tulle, Santa, sitting in a sleigh, laying on both her belly and back, and even some projectile vomiting... all over the photographer.  I would have been more sorry if she hadn't missed every cute face my little one made that day.

Overall, the experience has been fantastic!  The photographers are very kid-friendly and (most) are so patient that I want to take them home with us. 

Today, was by far our favorite.  My bundle of joy was smiling, laughing, and the perfect client.  Proudly wearing her polka dotted headband, she laid on the floor, sat in a wicker chair, and happily played on a bench.  To top it off, she is now prominently featured on their Wall of Fame.

Second floor, Colonie Center.  The beautiful girl in the black velvet jumper, large white frame.  Check it out!

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