Monday, January 17, 2011

The Pub Crawl on my face

Well Friends, we had a blast crawling through Saratoga in Siberian winter temperatures!  We even made it to the midnight toast back at the Parting Glass.  Me?  I ended up flat on my face in their parking lot.  Thanks to my wonderful husband...

You see we thought it would be a  good idea  to, after drinking for a couple (ok 8) hours, race across the ice and snow covered parking lot.  I was winning and almost to the door of the warm and inviting last stop when suddenly I was lying face down on the frozen pavement.  It may have been a trip or a tackle, but just the  same I landed rather awkwardly on my wrist. 

Oddly I didn't feel  any pain la st night, but this morning said husband had to brush my hair and help me get dressed.   The doctor couldn't  tell if it w as broken, but put me in a bionic arm cast and scheduled a follow up xray next week.  Just  in  time to go back to work;  Super!

Needless to say, I may no t be blogging much  this week because my hand doesn't see m to work.  (T his has  taken me about 20 minu tes to  type.)  But don't  fear, I will be back just as soon as I can.

And wear your pajamas inside out tonight.  We may be having another snow day  tomorrow!


  1. Ouch! There is no doubt in my mind that husband is completely at fault for the entire fiasco. Mine always is too under similar circumstances.

  2. I think the husband is getting a raw deal on this one. I vaugley remember this blogger injuring her knee one night drinking on the practice field. that may have been a while ago but I think she is just very very prone to injury when she drinks!!! :)