Sunday, January 23, 2011

Wedding Saver!

Hi Friends!  My wrist is feeling better, but I still have to wear my bionic arm so this post will be short.  I just felt the need to comment on a local (from Arizona?) wedding planner who abruptly closed shop and left many DJs, photographers, and videographers out of thousands of dollars.  And many couples heartbroken...

It seems that WeddingCombo is attempting to save face by sending an email to it's jilted clients explaining that they had to close shop due to a proposed sale blah, blah, blah and that its owner, Ian McGaughey, will be making restitution.  What a jerk!! 

I guess that's good news.  He stole their money and should have to give it back; or go to jail.  I really don't understand why he hasn't been arrested yet; you can't take people's money and not give them the clothes, food, wine, good time that they have paid for.  There must be some obscure (aka dumb) law in Arizona that is shielding him.  (See previous post, haha.)

Anyway, for anyone that is in need, or knows someone in need of a fantastic wedding photographer (and videographer) please check out  Murph did my wedding and my husband and I couldn't have been happier!  He took over 2,000 pictures and they were not all your typical posed shots.  I have the most unique album our there and cannot recommend him more highly.  He is also one of my best friends and since you have to pay for the photographer to attend the reception, you may as well invite someone fun!

Check out this link to view our wedding video.  It makes me cry every time!  Happy tears of course:)

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  1. Awww - how cute. I love those videos where the still pictures are set to music rather than actual video of the wedding and people talking and yelling. Geeze my husband was a dancing machine that night - No wonder he loves weddings - he can let his inner John Travolta shine.